Bios@Techne@Art – biophiscal audio-visual prformances

Bios @ Techne @ Art is the presentation of audio-visual performances in which biological and physical activity of the human body is not merely a subject of artistic exploration, but above all the material basis of artistic creation.

The artists who participate in the project use a variety of medical technologies (ECG, EEG, EMG, MMG and MRI) to monitor and read the body’s biophysical parameters. On the one hand bio signals are used for sonification and visualisation of an invisible, internal, visceral body’s activity, and on the other, they become source of data which control audio and video software in the real time.

The artists create dynamic, interactive audio-visual performances which address a number of issues crucial to contemporary culture, such as:
How does the development of biotechnology-based performances influences and determines the cultural perception of the human body? How artistic practice can change the way we think of and perceive our own body? How does the artistic use of biotechnology inform the notions of subjectivity, individuality, and personality? How do modern science and new technologies influence current artistic practices?

Marco Donnarumma will present three performances (the program varies according to the venue) – Hypo Chrysos, Music For Flesh II and Ominous – in which he uses the Xth Sense, a biophysical instrument he designed himself. The Xth Sense amplifies, augments, and diffuses in the form of sound and images, bodily sounds, such as muscle sounds (MMG – Mechanomyogram) and blood flow pulsations. This process is deployed in different ways in each of the above works, the goal being to enact before the audience diverse experiences of the body. The body is enhanced, vexed, or mutated through sounds and images, yet it remains a tangible, affective, and unpredictable entity.

Gerard Lebik will present Tractography Neural Tracts Noise – a project in which he uses diffusion tensor imaging (a magnetic resonance imaging technique that enables the measurement of the restricted diffusion of water in tissue in order to produce neural tract images) to generate sound and visuals in the real time.

Maciej Ozog’s performance Transient Body/Liminal Space is based on the feedback loop between invisible activity of the human body and surrounding space of electromagnetic waves generated by various electronic devices such as: computer wireless networks, Bluetooth and cell phones. Bio signals technologies (ECG, EMR, MMG) are used for sonification of internal body’s functions and modified in the real time by external electromagnetic activity.


Event organized by:
Fumadcja Na Rzecz Kultury i Sztuki
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